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You are not currently logged in. You will still be able to browse Wikitubia, but you will be unable to edit without an account. Please go here to create a Fandom account. Initially an artist well known in the anime community for years, she became a VTuber in late She is often represented by her character avatar Pinku, who was created back in , inspired by Vocaloid.


Solo Exhibition. Hatsune Miku. Hololive Official Art. Original Character. Scale Figure. Light Novels. I don't accept and reply to individual and personal commission. Thank you for your understanding. Please contact us via email. View Gallery. Notable Works.

Nov 16, Every piece of cloth that is white in Rosu's costume is stead black in Rosu Alter's, from the ribbon on her head to her long socks, rosuuri only exception is her red cardigan that retain the rosuuri crossed laces and the bunny pockets. Aug 31, rosuuri,

Rosuuri, a talented female English VTuber, is renowned as an illustrator and character designer. Transported into the world of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Rosuuri found herself embodying the White Rabbit, albeit in the form of a young boing boing girl instead of a bunny. Known for her artistic skills, Rosuuri captivates her audience with her captivating personality and commitment to meeting deadlines. Her journey as a VTuber has been marked by milestones, such as reaching 10, followers during a stream in October and updating her Live2D model with enhanced facial expressions in January In January , Rosuuri introduced her second 2D costume, featuring a new hairstyle, red cardigan, and intricate details.

I'm an illustrator who draws for game companies mostly in Japan. I do illustration, concept art and character design. Rosuuri 75K. Profile Navigation Rosuuri. Feb 1 Deviant for 15 years Rosuuri. Watchers 75K Deviants.


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Thank you so much!!! Shutsugen Garo. Alter ver. Her outfit is complemented by a red cardigan with white crossed laces on the sleeves and "bunny" pockets. The "Rosubun" community, represented by bread bunnies, adores Rosuuri and supports her artistic endeavors. VTuber: rosuuri [Tweet]. Jan 13, Oct 2, Mori Calliope Amelia Watson. Recent blog posts Reference desk. Key Visual. I shall be too late! Initially an artist well known in the anime community for years, she became a VTuber in late Dec 21,

Solo Exhibition.

Process video of a Hololive artwork and interview for Pixiv. Koei Tecmo. Feb 16, Explore Wikis Community Central. Aegis Ti5 PC. Her first video is of her doing a commission of an artwork, That video was from , and then in she uploaded her next time lapse speedpaint, of Chika Fujiwara. Mori Calliope April Membership Wallpaper. Kemono Friends: Kingdom. Popular pages. Plushies, prints, artbook, deskmats and more! Key Visual. Looking Glass.

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