astro playroom all puzzle pieces

Astro playroom all puzzle pieces

You'll want to collect all of the Astro 's Playroom puzzle pieces if you have any intention of completing the lovely murals in the PlayStation Labo zone.

Within each main room, there are four sub-levels with a few requiring Astro to operate a particular suit. Each sub-level has four puzzle pieces and two PlayStation artifacts to collect for your trophy case in the PlayStation Labo. Jump down the slide to gracefully dive into the ocean and swim up to the beach. Immediately head left and follow the trail of coins. Defeat the purple enemies wearing the swim rafts building the sandcastle.

Astro playroom all puzzle pieces


Jump across the third two, and then there's a block of four. Smash through the glass barriers to continue making your way through the spa. The fourth puzzle piece will be floating in the air waiting to be claimed.


This section of the Astro's Playroom walkthrough details all of the Puzzle Pieces in the Memory Meadow area, and will help guide you to them to so that you can find and collect them all! The first Puzzle Piece of Gusty Gateway can be found in the opening area. Look for the DualShock Cable on the left-hand side and walk along it to the top of the column. Jump across the paddles on the left to find the Puzzle Piece! The second Puzzle Piece is found shortly after the first. After crossing another DualShock Cable, you'll be in an open field with two Knockers and a Cloud blowing high winds. On the right-hand side is an outcropping with the Puzzle Piece on it.

Astro playroom all puzzle pieces

This walkthrough page will guide you step-by-step through the level, including how to find and collect all the Puzzle Pieces, Artefacts, and Trophies! Time for the Baseball Suit once more! Smash the two Canisters, then tug the Wires nearby and zip into the suit. Roll forward using the Touchpad to hit the eject button ahead and roll into the cannon, which will of course fire you over to the first area of this level. Let the Baseball roll along and get hit by the two bumpers, which will get you into a full-on pinball area. First, carefully move the Baseball to the left-hand corner near the entry area. Now head for the orange bumper in the middle and knock down six Bowling Pins: this will cause the bumper to rise up and spawn four Big Coins and Puzzle Piece 1! This will get the Baseball into a chute that will get you to Puzzle Piece 2. Once you have everything, roll through the large Bowling Pin at the top of the table to trip Checkpoint 2.

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Head down the right hall and jump on the red button to open the door. Back on the beach, use the sun umbrella next to the two sunbeds to bounce you up to reach the taller one. In here you'll find plenty of coins along with the second puzzle piece. At the next checkpoint where you'll need to smash through some glass blocks, make sure to head up and left when you get out at the top before continuing on. When you reach the other side, jump past the red button to find a hidden area with another rotating contraption and plenty of coins. Climb this, and the third puzzle piece is on a platform near the top. It's on the left-hand-side atop some musical buttons. Her gaming passions lie with weird simulation games, big open-world RPGs, and beautifully crafted indies. There's a puzzle piece just up on a ledge there. Continue heading alongside the water structure, and you'll see some c ables to pull that will reveal a line of coins to collect. Here you'll have to grab a little chip that moves along like a zipper. Jump on the angled lilypad on the right wall to reach the center platform. Basically, she loves all games that aren't sports or fighting titles! Once you've finished collecting everything in Bot Beach, walk through the sand storm and pull the cords to open the door. At the top of the second one is the next puzzle piece.

And once again, there are 24 hidden collectibles to find. Half the fun of the game is searching every nook-and-cranny for secret optional paths or bonus puzzles. Artifact 1 : Go to the right side of the starting jungle area to find a lower section.

Get yourself wedged into that and you'll be launched onto a run with the second puzzle piece at the end. There's a puzzle piece hidden in the underside of a platform. Knock away the spiked enemy and reach the next checkpoint. Make your way across the lily pads and wait for the third one to rise up. More monkeying antics from the Mt. When you reach the next checkpoint, jump on the pile of snow and blow into the controller to start the propeller. Here, drop down behind the yellow coin box to a hidden bouncer that'll fling you up to a platform with a spinner that you can blow embedded in the clouds. In her spare time, Sam likes to live like Stardew Valley by cooking and baking, growing vegetables, and enjoying life in the countryside. After the section where you ride a rotating hexagon across the freezing waters, you'll press a button that'll make a lily pad appear. When you reach the later part of this area, it'll start to rain. Hold down square to use your spin attack on the flower there to reveal a whole new column. Underneath is the first puzzle piece. The next puzzle piece is hidden in the back of the gigantic block you need to jump up using the bouncy house-esque scaffolding. More about ps5.

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