saw films in order

Saw films in order

Ever since the first movie dropped inthe Saw saga has become one of the most profitable, recognizable, and beloved franchises in horror history.

Three, four, sinners hit the floor. Five, six, swim in a needle pit. Seven, eight, insane plot twists really, just the craziest stuff out there await. Yes, John Kramer aka Jigsaw aka mastermind of morality and gut-mucked mayhem has orchestrated his return for Saw X September With the number of Saw movies now in the double digits, this puts Jigsaw Tobin Bell in the company of other horror icons like Freddy , Jason , and Mr. Not bad for a guy whose main power is being really good at Mouse Trap. Then below are the Saw movies by chronological order, lined up by the events as they unfolded in-universe.

Saw films in order

The Saw storyline is an intricate web of continuity, with the complete timeline spanning over nine films. Despite the franchise's popularity, it hit a point where some critics complained that the further along the series progressed, the harder it was to keep up without having seen every entry in it, preferably recently. Whether that was a big issue is debatable, Saw definitely tried its best to tie everything together for most of its run in a way that other horror series didn't always try. For the first eight movies, the series all followed one relatively consistent Saw plot point centered around John "Jigsaw" Kramer. However, the spinoff ninth installment Spiral took place years later with a copycat killer of sorts. Given his death, the movies that followed meant the series used a ton of flashbacks that can make things confusing for even the most focused of viewers. Much of what unfolds in the Saw movies ties directly back to events that happened prior to the original film. Before becoming Jigsaw, John was a successful civil engineer , while his wife Jill opened and ran the Homeward Bound Clinic. With a son on the way, John and Jill were happy, until an addict named Cecil Adams robbed the clinic, causing Jill to lose the baby. That sent John into suicidal depression, starting the spiraling downward of his life. He developed brain cancer and due to a mistake by future apprentice Logan Nelson, and later a denial of care by insurance executive William Easton, was declared terminal. Amanda Young, another patient at Homeward Bound — who unbeknownst to John had talked Cecil into robbing the place — is abducted by John, and forced to pass a test involving the infamous reverse bear trap. She succeeds, emerges with a new appreciation for life, and joins John's crusade. During the same pre- Saw period, Detective Mark Hoffman attempts to frame Jigsaw for the murder of his sister's killer, leading John to reveal himself and blackmail Hoffman into becoming another apprentice. Detective David Tapp subsequently gets drawn into the Jigsaw investigation, and after the death of his partner via a booby trap, becomes obsessed with taking Jigsaw down.

Part of the events of Jigsaw take place before the first Saw film, where we see the titular character when he is still healthy and leading a normal life.

Saw started with a relatively simple idea. James Wan 's low-budget horror chained two men to a dingy bathroom, a horrifying puppet with the voice of Tobin Bell telling them a very simple order: " I want to play a game. Through endless twists, retcons, and timeline-fudging, the lore of the Saw series got more convoluted with each passing entry, turning the legend of the Jigsaw killer into a twisted game all its own. With yet another sequel having arrived, Saw X , you're probably thinking about a rewatch, which Especially since Saw X is a sequel-prequel that takes us all the way back to the beginning of the franchise. Or, well, slightly after that.

Eight films, 16 years, and countless torture traps later, Saw remains a beloved horror series. The story follows John Kramer, aka the Jigsaw killer, a man who captures people in order to rehabilitate those he deems unworthy. He adopts violent means to impart this message, forcing innocents into horrific death traps from which they have to do grisly things in order to survive. Despite the fact that he dies midway through the franchise, for the remainder of the series his acolytes, family and victims adopt the Jigsaw mantle, continuing his reign of terror. The franchise also continues with Spiral: From the Book of Saw , the latest installment currently in US theaters and rolling out worldwide. Jackson, as cops track crimes that resemble the infamous Jigsaw killer. With that in mind, you might be considering a rewatch of the Saw movies to refresh your memory. It requires patience and an editing suite.

Saw films in order

You don't need to play games to watch the Saw movies in order online. Especially when many of them are under the same streaming roof, and others are headed to one of the best streaming services. The Saw movies are horror movies of a particularly twisted and popular bent, and they began with those killed by Jigsaw. The puzzlingly named miscreant, and those who bore his influence in the many Saw films, sets traps that give the victim a chance of survival, often based around their own dark secrets and a terrible choice that would leave them permanently disfigured or damaged in one way or another. Since there's a chance that some are coming to these movies relatively uninformed, we're going to keep this explainer of how to watch the Saw movies nearly entirely spoiler-free.

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Or did the real deal come back from the great beyond somehow? A violent encounter with a junkie causes a miscarriage. However, after finding out his new medical professionals are more scammers than they are saviors John must seek revenge the only way he knows how, through a series of ingenious and terrifying traps. Spiral also notably doesn't do anything to affect or recontextualize the larger Saw timeline -- no major flashback twists or reveals here -- meaning it's effectively an isolated spin-off and, therefore, optional watching. He approached an insurance executive named William Easton , asking for coverage for an experimental cancer treatment, but was denied. It is later seen in Saw 3D that Lawrence found a steaming hot pipe and cauterized his wound, stopping the bleeding and ultimately surviving the trap. Archived from the original on February 19, England vs Ireland live stream: How to watch Six Nations online. Lawrence Gordon for the crimes. How to watch Oscars live stream online: Start time, channel and more. With a son on the way, John and Jill were happy, until an addict named Cecil Adams robbed the clinic, causing Jill to lose the baby. The movies not only follow Kramer's string of killings but through a series of flashbacks we see his life story.

This time around, his gruesome games were held internationally, in Mexico, to be specific. The first was released in , and they all share an inter-connected, convoluted canon spanning most of the movies—though there is one in particular that is particularly disconnected. It is also worth noting that many of the Saw films secretly hold plenty of timeline shenanigans.

CBS Interactive. Kramer then takes him on as an apprentice. Horror media franchise. Danny Glover A. Ian Sandwell. Megan Garside. There is a saw, so if they wish to survive, they will have to cut their feet off as we learned in the film Mad Max , it is much quicker to cut off a foot than cut through a set of steel cuffs. We also see Detective Mark Hoffman here, who is tasked with investigating the Jigsaw murders but uses them for his own nefarious ends in scenes that happen concurrently with Saw III. In , Wan and Whannell made a short film to help pitch a potential feature film concept, after having the original script written for several years. Jigsaw is very much dead, don't worry.

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