ok mobility ibiza reviews

Ok mobility ibiza reviews

Rent a car in Ibiza with OK Mobility and enjoy the white island fully in an easy and safe way to move around. Ibiza, the white island Ibiza is internationally recognised for its nightlife, music and acclaimed nightclubs, ok mobility ibiza reviews. Typical Ibizan cuisine includes interesting combinations of meat and fish with a wide range of vegetables. OK Mobility rent a car in Ibiza offers you a wide range of rental cars to suit your trip.

Instead, we ask each and every customer to leave a review after they return their rental car. This way, you know that all reviews are authentic, verified, and trustworthy. Pros: The guy named Victor who was at the drop point was honest with us and explained everything about the refund and the car check as well he had a keen eye. Best rental ever. Cons: very long time spent waiting in line to pick up the car, the car was dirty when I picked it up and very damaged with a lot of miles. They didn't check for damages before giving me the car, skipped it and made me sign it. Very unprofessional service.

Ok mobility ibiza reviews


Car cleanliness.


Rent a car in Spain with OK Mobility and move around freely. Mobility as a lifestyle! Welcome to the country of diverse landscapes, good weather and even better food. Spain has everything you could wish for, and more! Hit the accelerator, crank up the ignition with a big smile on your face and throw a suitcase packed with good vibes in the trunk.

Ok mobility ibiza reviews

APPsolutamente maravilhosa. Trabalhar para viver ou viver para trabalhar? OK Mobility Ambassadors. Possibilidades infinitas para desfrutar da sua viagem. Divirta-se descobrindo o seu destino A mobilidade moderna sobre duas rodas!

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Cons: Transfer it self but not easy to find at the airport. Cons: Yet again rental cars seem to give you a car with an empty screen washer bottle. We told them that we came first and we had a flight in 40 mins and he said oh well. Cons: No orientation of the car, waited 40 minutes to be helped even though I had pre filled the forms. Hiper rent a car. In accordance with applicable law, OK GROUP informs you that data will be retained for as long as necessary to comply with the aforementioned provisions. Cons: Inside of car could have been a bit cleaner Picking up car can be time consuming at OK Rent a car. EUR Euro. The shuttle bus was so unreliable and chaotic. You have arrived.

Noleggia un'auto a Ibiza con OK Mobility e goditi al meglio l'isola bianca con un mezzo facile e sicuro per spostarti.

United Kingdom. These roads allow you to easily access the region's tourist spots and move around with comfort and flexibility to explore all that Ibiza has to offer, from its beaches to its picturesque seaside villages and lively nightlife. Ibiza Airport. They are maybe a few bucks less expensive than others but my time is also v. Cons: After drop off made to walk to airport, with bad back. There is no maximum age. Ease of finding rental desk or representative. We were running late as it is and when the shuttle came other people that came after us jumped on the shuttle and the driver said sorry you need to wait for the next one. Very difficult to reach by phone apart from assistance. Very good 8. Check our privacy policy. They DO NOT give correct return location, i spent 3 hours trying to find this spot, even when to the pick up location where they refused to take the car but could not clearly tell me where the return place was. Cons: Nothing realy all went smooth. Cons: There were so many people waiting for the shuttle bus at the airport that we had to wait for 3 buses before we could get on one.

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