reddit forsen

Reddit forsen

Hans Eli Sebastian Fors born 16 December[1] known by the pseudonym Forsenis reddit forsen Swedish Twitch streamer who initially gained popularity for having competed in StarCraft IIbut is best known for competing in Hearthstone reddit forsen for streaming a variety of popular games. In Hearthstonereddit forsen, Forsen won his first tournament in the May HTC Invitational, [7] and won a Play it Cool streaming marathon in Octoberachieving the highest rank among the competitors after 24 hours of play. As of JanuaryForsen had been a livestreamer on Twitch for over a decade.

Examples hover tap for more info : term. Posts Comments 4, Statistics. Sort by: newest oldest top Two bajs trying to infiltrate The Arena after forsen went offline but get shot down and sliced up by doc's mod Circa , when Doc was on Twitch I dreamed that Forsen had brought back links. He will someday, right bajs? Bajs trying to stop forsen from speedrunning 7. Bajs can i ask for some information?

Reddit forsen

RIP Forsen pic. Picture taken by hospital staff who were a fan of his streams. Sebastian died due to sudden pneumonia derived from his compromised immune system. With over five days of internet inactivity, concerns have arisen, with many assuming his demise or a severe health battle, potentially related to COVID. For those unfamiliar, Forsen, whose real name is Sebastian Fors, is a dedicated Twitch streamer renowned for playing Hearthstone. With a substantial following exceeding a million, fans delight in his gaming reactions and have even spawned numerous memes. Since December , Forsen has garnered a following of over one million on Twitch, and as of May , his followers have surpassed 1. By January , Forsen had been a Twitch livestreamer for more than a decade. Some fans attribute his alleged death to his sugar-free diet. The user suggested the subreddit would be temporarily closed in his memory.

Some fans attribute his alleged death to his sugar-free diet. Game Rant. PMC

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Smith Wilson. June 27, And some Reddit users believe his split with Nani Nina is the reason. His main area of success was broadcasting video games, especially Hearthstone, and eventually other types of gaming content. He is well-known for both his participation in the competitive Hearthstone scene and his lively and sometimes amusing streaming style. He rose to popularity due to his involvement in Hearthstone competitions and his consistent placement on the ladder. A lot of viewers have been wondering what really happened to him. There is no doubt that Forsen looks to be super unmotivated and silent now, unlike how he used to be a few years ago.

Reddit forsen

He gained initial fame through 'StarCraft II' competitions and has significantly contributed to the gaming community through his exceptional skills in Hearthstone and his diverse range of streamed popular games. Moreover, Forsen has a devoted fan base, affectionately referring to themselves as "Forsenboys" or "Forsen Bajs," who have actively played a role in popularizing various internet memes. Felix Lengyel, well-known as xQc , has once more found himself in the limelight as Forsen surpassed his 'Minecraft' speedrunning record. The two streamers have been engaged in a friendly competition for the past three years, striving to outdo each other's speedruns. Continue reading to find out the details of their most recent livestream event. During the recent speedrunning competition between Forsen and xQc, Forsen emerged as the victor. To provide some context, since May , xQc has held the record for defeating the Ender Dragon at 16 minutes and 38 seconds, besting Forsen's previous record by over two minutes. Confident in his accomplishment, xQc wore the metaphorical 'Minecraft' speedrun crown, believing it would secure his victory over his fellow Twitch streamer, having achieved a time of under 17 minutes. However, his reign was short-lived, as Forsen dedicated the next five months to reclaiming the title. A clip of Forsen narrowly reclaiming the record circulated on Reddit.

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Some of the most popular streamers on Twitch were able to garner massive followings because of their larger than life personalities and willingness to push the envelope. Many times, that envelope-pushing gets users in trouble, which then only further contributes to their e-celebrity status. Don't think that's true?

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