hp printer not pulling paper

Hp printer not pulling paper

Issue The product does not pick up or feed paper from the main paper tray. The product might make noises as though it is printing, but no paper moves through it. How to use the solutions in this document.

I switch between card stock and regular paper. I indicate which type I'm using before printing. My printer isn't grabbing the paper. It tries twice, growling the whole time. I have to force in in there.

Hp printer not pulling paper

Savarese Family Calendar savaresefa Posted: Apr 2, Drop down sheet feeder intermittent. Makes grinding noises. Does not pull paper into printer. Returns error message to load paper. Posted: Apr 3, Dan danj. Self employed contract worker. Fix Your Stuff Community Store.

Solution five: Adjust the paper settings in the print driver The product might not pick up paper if the paper size and type in the paper tray do not match the size and type settings in the print driver. The problem is probably related to the paper that you were trying to print on, or possibly a connectivity problem. Figure : Click File, and then click Print, hp printer not pulling paper.

Issue The printer does not pick up or feed the paper from the tray. The printer might make noises as though it is printing, but paper does not move through. How to use the solutions in this document A paper feed issue can occur for several reasons, such as dusty or contaminated paper rollers, the condition of the paper in the tray, or even issues with the software. To resolve the issue, try each solution in this document, and then use the steps in this section to print a self-test report. This step determines if the product hardware functions correctly. When you have resolved the issue, and the product successfully prints a self-test report, there is no need to continue troubleshooting. The following video demonstrates how to print a self-test report.

My 3 year old OfficeJet Pro All-in-One printer won't load standard photo paper to print a photo. It sounds like it attempts to load the paper but it fails to do so and then reports a "Paper Jam. I've tried different photo paper stock without success. And after I remove the photo paper it prints the photo on plain paper. Go to Solution. User Guide. Note Step 2 that advises you to remove "other" paper from the tray when loading your photo paper.

Hp printer not pulling paper

An Out of Paper or Load Paper message displays, and the printer does not feed or pick paper. Perform the following tasks in the order given. Use the printer after each task to see if the issue is resolved. Check the paper stack for defects such as wrinkled, torn, or bent pieces that might cause a pick-up issue. Remove any severely bent, wrinkled, or torn paper found in the stack. Check for obstructions inside the paper tray. Make sure nothing blocks the paper from engaging with the rollers.

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Click the button that opens the Properties dialog box. Select the appropriate paper type by clicking More from the Paper Type drop-down list in the Basic Options area. The printer will feed one page slowly. Next, enter your HP model number on the right. Good Luck. It didn't work. Never load mixed types of paper in the tray. Select your product, and then click Properties. Insert the paper into the input tray with the short edge forward and the print side down. The Paper Feed Cleaning dialog box displays. If it is pushed in too far, the product will pick up multiple sheets of paper, which can result in a paper jam. Check to see if the carriage can move freely across the width of the product by gently pushing the carriage to the left and then to the right.

I cleaned the rollers and did a restart Hi Pammigirl ,. Instructions on how to resolve a paper pick issue can be found here.

Step two: Check the condition of the paper and reload it Follow these steps to make sure that the paper is loaded in the product correctly. Solution four: Clean the rollers from the printer control panel Before you can start the clean ink smear process, you need to clean the rollers from the printer control panel. If the self-test report does not print , try printing the report again. Check for obstructions inside the tray. If the document prints on plain white paper , but not a special paper type, there is no need to continue troubleshooting. Tags 1. Figure : Example self-test report. Load plain white, U. If you are in Asia Pacific, you will be directed to a local service center in your area. Do not push the guides in so tightly that they bind against the paper. Then, try slowly pushing the paper farther in until the roller engages to pick up the paper. Press the power button to turn on the product. Drop down sheet feeder intermittent. If all the pieces of paper are not removed from the product, morepaper jams are likely to occur.

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