Gray door knobs

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Categories: Interiors Inspiration. Grey doors have gained immense popularity over the years due to their versatility and ability to create a contemporary and elegant look. Both exterior and internal grey doors have become a go-to choice for many homeowners due to their ability to blend seamlessly with various design styles. Whether you prefer a light or dark grey shade, these doors create a modern, sophisticated, and timeless ambience. Grey doors also provide an excellent backdrop for experimenting with different door knob colours, allowing you to make a statement or achieve a subtle, cohesive look.

Gray door knobs


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Knobs and handles are an important finishing touch to your home. Drawer knobs make your cabinets easy to open, while door handles can really tie your room together. Most of our designs come in both a knob and handle version, too. Elevate your drawers from mere functional storage to eye-catching statement pieces by selecting the perfect drawer knobs. With the right choices, you can imbue your furniture with personality and showcase your distinctive style. Drawer knobs may seem like small fixtures, but they hold significant power in the overall aesthetic of your home.

Gray door knobs

Welcome to Knobbles and Bobbles and thank you for visiting our online shop. All of which can be found on the Homeware Accessories page. Knobbles and Bobbles have been supplying the UK with quirky, stylish and sublime door knobs for numerous years, with over reviews it is no wonder why we are rated excellent on Trust Pilot 4. Each door knob is handmade with love and care, in order to ensure true perfection and keep every product unique from one another before shipping them out to the people of the UK. No matter what style design or aesthetic is present in your household, Knobbles and Bobbles has a solution for you, as well as our wide range of doorknobs, cupboard knobs and drawer knobs, we also supply the UK with hooks, tassels, lights and other decorative accessories. When decorating your household or property it is important to pay attention to every detail and be as thorough as possible, even something as small and simple as a doorknob can completely transform your interior design, compliment colour palettes, bring texture to a room and even enhance continuity.

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The warm and luxurious tones of polished brass create a stunning contrast against the coolness of grey doors. Premium Grade PSE. The soft golden hues of satin brass create a warm and inviting ambience, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the space. What colours go with Pewter? Plumbing Equipment. Timber Decking Boards. For a sleek and modern aesthetic, satin nickel door knobs are an excellent choice. Undercoat Paint. Timber Frame Lintels. Wood Flooring. Thermal Insulation Board. Single Thread Screws.

Our exquisite range of Gunmetal Grey Door Handles is a go-to choice for those who value a blend of modernity and rugged charm. Ideal for an industrial-chic or contemporary aesthetic, these handles in sophisticated gunmetal grey finish offer a distinctive appeal that is currently in high demand. Available in a variety of design styles including lever and round rose, you'll discover a plethora of unique yet unobtrusive designs, allowing you to pinpoint the ideal handles to harmonise with your home interiors.

Wood Filler. Fire Doors. Discs - Cutting. The subtle silver tones of satin nickel complement grey doors perfectly, creating a harmonious and contemporary atmosphere. OmniFit Insulation. Scolmore Accessory Screws. Primer Paint. Access Equipment. Plastic Plumbing. Decorative Panels. Safety Footwear. Choosing the right door knob colour for your grey doors can significantly impact the overall look and feel of your home.

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