floor cord cover price philippines

Floor cord cover price philippines

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This cable cover has a good channel size as per a user's review. However, it can't allow a car to drive over it but it can accommodate a Roomba. The product contains three channels for wire conveyance. It works well for covering cables and preventing tripping hazards. It is quick to set up, uses double-sided tape to fix and is available in different lengths. It doesn't roll up with ease and may require cutting for custom cable sizes.

Floor cord cover price philippines


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View Office Location. Get it between to Additional 3 business days for provincial shipping. Therefore, it can effectively prevent cables, cords and wires from being exposed under external environment. The PVC is easy to cut to any length with a knife or strong scissors. PVC provides extra insulation for speaker wires and home theater cables. The middle channel 0.

Floor cord cover price philippines

The metal cable shield provides you with nearly crush-proof protection for your cords, cables and hoses. The low-profile design, aluminum finish, and sturdy construction come together to create a cord protector that can be used in a wide variety of environments from offices to warehouses. Did you know that we can give you a quote for most of our products, including shipping? These tops slide onto the bottom, they cannot be "popped" into place and this system is also what keeps them in place once installed. We do have other cord covers that do offer black as a color they aren't metal though. If you would like help picking out the correct cord cover for your application, please give us a call toll free at and we can help you. We don't want these too long for two reasons; 1. If you would like a longer length in this raceway, simply abut two pieces together, and slide the top from either side over onto the new track, and then continue on, it will almost be like one solid piece.

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Available In 4' - 12' Lengths - 5 Color Options. Available in 1" to 4" widths, 55 yard rolls.

Novelty Lighting. Growing Light Fixtures. Garage Bands. Pre-cut into 5 strips of Control Valves. Studio Recording Equipment. The large 3-channel wire management system protects 3 to 5 cords, large enough for most power cords, ethernet, CAT5, and CAT6 cables. Available options color, size, package, etc. Office Globe Smart Sun Industrial Machines. Product Rating. Night Lights. Aviation Electronics. Go Green Power Inc.

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