Diamant rammstein letra

They are presented here for informational purposes only. Translations are not official and are subjective. Armee der Tristen 2. Zeit 3.

Rammstein Lyrics. Submit Corrections. Kruspe, Till Lindemann. Erik Bickerstaffe, guitarist of Loathe, described this track by saying, "With 'Diamant', Rammstein have created a solemn, dark environment which honestly transports me to the top of a Medieval castle guarded by a massive dragon. The vibe is super reminiscent of older folk in that sense, like the stuff you would hear in Shrek. The guitar however reminds me of earlier Radiohead acoustic efforts also drawing comparisons to the works of Russian Circles with the arpeggiated chords throughout. Lovely stuff.

Diamant rammstein letra


Ohne dich


Are you an artist? Make the most of your lyrics with Musixmatch Pro! Go to Pro. Traducciones Verificado por Musixmatch. Letra de Diamant de Rammstein verse. Ich will nur dich, immer nur dich anseh'n.

Diamant rammstein letra

But then he says — please let me go. The next interesting lines are — I wanted to take your heart, but what cannot love, must hate. He wanted to make her love him, but after he could not, resentment started to build. I think the last line pretty much gives us, what Till meant with the whole story — Beautiful, but only a stone. The whole narrative is about a beautiful but shallow person which cannot give you anything other than his beauty. I believe the song is about a beautiful person that is so sweet and pure, virgin, she in love and wants to love you with all her being but He is damaged. He doesnt know how to love, just hate, and she is just an object at the end.

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Heirate mich 9. Waidmanns Heil 4. Das Modell 2. Sex 6. Amour Mehr Te quiero puta! Mein Land 2. Feuer frei! Amerika English Version Spieluhr 8. Das alte Leid 8. Roter Sand Orchester Version Single Mein Herz brennt 2.

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