death in paradise inspector actors

Death in paradise inspector actors

Death in Paradise has enjoyed high viewing figures and a generally positive critical reception since its debut, leading to repeated renewals. At the start of Series 3, Poole is murdered, and clumsy London detective Humphrey Goodman Kris Marshall arrives death in paradise inspector actors investigate the death of his deadpan predecessor. He then stays on the island permanently as the new detective, death in paradise inspector actors, after his wife informs him she is leaving him. In the second half of Series 6, he resigns so he can start a new life in London with his girlfriend Martha Lloyd, after forming a relationship with her while she was staying at Saint Marie on holiday.

Death in Paradise kept viewers on their toes throughout season After Neville Parker was arrested for the murder of criminologist David Cartwright , his future was hanging by a thread. Was he about to be found guilty of murder and spend his days behind bars? His love interest Sophie was the one who had killed David and had tried to pin the crime on the detective. She blamed him for her sister's demise a number of years ago and had travelled to the island to ruin his life.

Death in paradise inspector actors

Whether it's new episodes or reruns of old ones, we love watching Death in Paradise and are well and truly hooked on series For those who don't know, the show follows a police inspector from the UK, DI Neville Parker, as he and his police team investigate grizzly crimes on the fictional Caribbean island of Saint Marie. While we know all about the lives of the island's residents, what about the actors who play them? A number of stars on the BBC drama have families of their own to keep them busy. Meet some of the main cast members' children and partners here…. Ralf stars as the show's current detective DI Neville Parker. When he's not busy filming in Guadeloupe, he can be found at home in King's Cross, London, with his wife-to-be Lindsey Ferrentino , who is a playwright and screenwriter. The actor popped the question in but the couple have put their wedding plans on hold for the past few years. Chatting to The Mirror back in about getting down on one knee, Ralf said: " We were in a country house, it was a big surprise. I planned it in advance. I had a total result with the ring, though. She said to me if she ever got engaged there's only one ring for her — her grandma's, it's absolutely beautiful. As for his family, Ralf has a brother named Ross, who works as a doctor, and two sisters, Rowena and Ceri. Sadly, though, Ceri died at the age of 14 when Ralf was nine years old.

The third lead detective in the show's run, Mooney took over from Goodman and was a friendly and unassuming inspector. BBC Programmes. In Series 12, Episode 8, Catherine reveals that Camille and her boyfriend are expecting a baby back in Paris.

The show, set on the idyllic island of Saint Marie, first appeared on our TV screens way back in Since then, there have been four different lead actors, as well as a host of other supporting characters. Over the years, the award-winning series has amassed millions of loyal fans, and has even spawned a successful spin-off series, Beyond Paradise, which launched in When Neville first arrived on the island, he hated it, partly due to being allergic to mosquito bites. After solving his first case, he collapsed and was declared unfit to travel for a month. He planned to fly back home at the next opportunity, but after talking with a blind actress about facing up to her problems, Neville changed his mind and decided to stay on the island full-time. However, Florence told him that she would prefer to remain just friends.

This article lists characters from the BBC crime comedy drama Death in Paradise , which began airing in He initially hates everything on the island, and has severe allergies, his main allergy being mosquito bites. After he checked through the crime scene of his first murder case, he plans on catching another plane back to the UK, but his flight was cancelled by Commissioner Patterson. Neville moves into the shack, but in the middle of the night, he couldn't stand the mosquitoes, and checks into a hotel. After solving his first case, Neville collapses and is declared unfit to travel for a month. He moves back into the shack as the police budget wouldn't let him remain in the hotel. After solving a murder case in Episode 8, he plans on flying back home, but a talk with a blind actress about her attempt to face the challenges of her condition prompted Parker to change his mind and decide to stay as inspector permanently. At the start of series 10 he has continued to struggle to adapt to life on the island, but the returning DS Florence Cassell helps him embrace Caribbean life more, and by the end of the series he warms to the island lifestyle and later develops feelings for Florence. He subsequently reveals to Florence how he feels at the start of Series 11, but despite Florence expressing her admiration and care for Neville, tells him she wishes to remain just friends and later leaves the island halfway through the series. In the Christmas Special, Neville, having briefly tried online dating, meets Sophie Chambers, an English traveller also from Manchester who is staying on the island for a few weeks.

Death in paradise inspector actors

Who's the best Death in Paradise detective? As the show returns for an amazing 12th series, we thought we'd compare all the leading detectives. We've been reminiscing about detective inspectors past and wondering who was best Yes, DI Charlie Hulme Hugo Speer was in the first series, but let's say he didn't last long so we've not included him! But Jack heads to Saint Marie for a new start after the death of his wife and carries a depth of sadness with him initially.

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She successfully helps the team solve the case and, following advice given to her after conversing with a memory of DI Richard Poole, decides to spend a few weeks away with Catherine to make up for not visiting her since leaving the island, after which she returned to her role in Paris. While Shantol was born and is still based in Jamaica, she loves visiting London. His parents divorced when he was very young and his father abandoned him after a few months of weekend visits, leaving Dwayne to grow up on his own. He genuinely was a fish out of water with his briefcase, suit and sniffy personality. More TV and Film. He is 21, and the youngest member of the team. Series 2 averaged 7. He subsequently reveals to Florence how he feels at the start of Series 11, but despite Florence expressing her admiration and care for Neville, tells him she wishes to remain just friends and later leaves the island halfway through the series. The two had a sometimes turbulent but nevertheless happy relationship, though following Dwayne's departure from the island at the end of the series, it's assumed their relationship ended and Darlene makes no appearances for the next few series. Series Episodes Originally aired Ave. Who is DI Humphrey Goodman?

A Detective Inspector is transferred from London to the Caribbean island of Saint-Marie to investigate and solve complex murders. Sign In Sign In.

Miller left the series at the start of series 3, as he felt he was spending too much time away from his family, since his wife was unable to join him on the island during production. We've been reminiscing about detective inspectors past and wondering who was best Sophie Thompson Angela Birkett. TV Shows. However, after solving the case and gaining closure after visiting Sophie in prison, he decides to stay. Skip to main content Skip to footer. Multi-talented Gary Carr is an English actor dancer, singer and musician who burst onto screens after graduating in After some deliberation, Jack tells Anna that he won't travelling with her, but agrees to wait for her, when she reaches to London. The theme music was given another, bigger overhaul in , with completely new music but still based on the original theme. Death in Paradise: who is Sunset Chaser? Share on twitter. Episodes 6.

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