chinchilla persian cats

Chinchilla persian cats

The Chinchilla is colour-type of Persian cat, with the same luxuriant long coat and large round eyes as the Persian. Although considered a Persian type, Chinchillas typically have a moderate construction, with a more prominent muzzle, chinchilla persian cats, and a lighter build than the Persian.

Hepper is reader-supported. When you buy via links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Learn more. Click to Skip Ahead. Cats have been a favorite pet for many people for centuries. There are a lot of different breeds of cats, and one of the most beautiful and charming breeds is the Persian cat. The Persian cat is known for its long fur, flat face, and round eyes.

Chinchilla persian cats

Have you ever watched TV or been at a friend's house and seen a marshmallow with feet prance by? It was probably a Chinchilla Persian. A variation of the popular Persian cat breed, these fluff balls are quickly rising in popularity. It's hard to say no to such a sweet face, but before you decide to bring a Chinchilla Persian into your home, learn the basics about these fancy felines, from grooming to the cat's history and more. These cats are well known for their long, luxurious coats and "peke-faced" look. The original Chinchilla Persians got their name for their similarity between their coats and those of rodent Chinchillas. Many of these felines have white fur, tipped with black along the face, legs, back and ears, but there are also pure white and golden varieties. Chinchilla Persians stand out for their stunning emerald eye color, which starts off as blue in kittens. They have slightly longer noses than other Persians, which helps prevent health concerns like eye tearing and breathing problems. The general Persian cat breed was first recorded in Persia, where it was imported throughout Europe.

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We are probably not your average breeders, we do not consider ourselves to be breeders and never did. We love animals and enjoy observing them. Both of us grew up on series about nature, David Attenborough and his series were my big favorite, he taught me the most about nature, real needs of animals, understanding their behaviours and admiring that complex miracle behind every living things. We had many pets in past mice, degus, rabbits, goats, dogs, cats, fish , and both of us regularly saved animals. We think that cats' society is an extremely interesting one. We are a small, IT family.

All Persians are gorgeous felines, but there is something really special about the Chinchilla Persian cat. Getting to know this cat in detail can help you decide whether it makes a good choice for your family companion. Basically, this is a Persian cat with a specific appearance. According to YourCat , the Chinchilla breed originated from a silver Persian named Chinnie, who was born in as the offspring of a blue Persian and an unknown stray male. This cat got its name from the similarity of its coat with a chinchilla. Just like any Persian, the Chinchilla has an ultra thick, long, non-hypoallergenic coat of high maintenance. This cat has a purely white coat with darker coloured tipping on its tail, sides, back, and head. Large and expressive emerald green eyes are one of the notable distinctive features of this cat. This is a medium-to-large sized cat , boasting an average weight of 7 to 16 pounds and a height ranging from 9 to 10 inches.

Chinchilla persian cats

As a breed renowned for its beauty, the chinchilla Persian cat is considered to be the most beautiful of all the Persian varieties. They have perfect, doll-like facial features, along with a spectacular coat of fur in colors like silver and gold. If you're not familiar with chinchilla Persian cats, there's a lot to learn about these popular balls of fluff. Persians are one of the most striking cat breeds, and they come in just about every color and pattern you can imagine. But of the available colors, we think the chinchilla-coated Persian is incredibly eye-catching. These cats have three very distinct traits in common:. Chinchillas are also a little different in that they typically have doll faces , which are more traditional than the flat or "Peke-faced" profile you see in other Persian cats. However, you will see some fairly flat-faced chinchillas at cat shows, because show breeders want to remain as competitive as they can.

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Most cats prefer to drink running water, particularly when the water is running over a smooth surface. Quiet cat Average build cat breed Requires grooming every day A bit of both indoor and outdoor space. However, the coloring of this cat was different from that of Chinchilla Persians today, and it was only through selective breeding that the Chinchilla Persian coat that we know and love was developed. Exclusive discounts and offers. They are curious and like to take part in every moment in your life if possible, they are often cheeky, if bored they are like mischievous children. Cats have been a favorite pet for many people for centuries. Jam packed with news, tips and advice on how to provide the best possible care for your Bow Wow or Meow! About the Author Christian Adams Christian started writing for a local newspaper as a teenager, and he's been involved in the publishing industry for most of his adult life. Tailored advice for your pet. The Chinchilla is an inside cat who will thrive with a set routine and a calm family home. Give her time to adjust to any new animals, and be sure she has a cat tree or shelf placed up high to allow her to escape from noisy and uncertain situations. In , a silver Persian named Chinnie was officially recognized, and this marked the origin of the Chinchilla Persian breed. Chinchillas only come in the one colour, a pure white with darker coloured tipping to the hairs. Personalised puppy advice straight to your inbox. The fur of the Chinchilla is tipped with both silver and gold.

The Chinchilla Persian cat is essentially a Persian cat with a specific kind of coloring.

This will not only stop behavioral issues but also form a bond between you and help prevent obesity. The Chinchilla requires daily cat grooming to keep their long flowing coat free from mats and knots. We think that cats' society is an extremely interesting one. Unneutered males wander more and will spray and yowl while on the lookout for females. Find out more about cat feeding guidelines with our article. However, cats are carnivores and every cat must obtain 41 different and specific nutrients from their food. These are both issues you need to watch for if you own a Persian. The bottom area and underside of the tail is prone to becoming soiled with faeces and care needs to be taken to keep this area scrupulously clean to avoid staining and uncomfortable lumps. Ringworm is also known as dermatophytosis and it is the most common fungal skin infections that affects cats. Cat food recalls Have a cat? They require to being respected, treated a kind of equally, they behave differently for a "don't do" or for asking them nicely. By Nicole Feb 5, - 6 min read. The general Persian cat breed was first recorded in Persia, where it was imported throughout Europe.

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