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Brittany Venti [note 1] — , [1] also known by her legal name Brittany Dier , is an alt-right -adjacent " troll " and fascist -sympathizing YouTube streamer known for her controversial takes and actions online which have resulted in her gaining an equally fascist audience and follower base. She has accumulated K subscribers on YouTube as of Brittany Venti started her online streaming brand in on the streaming site Twitch which she is now banned from by broadcasting herself playing video games like Grand Theft Auto. Venti became a ' lolcow ' after freaking out on stream and claiming another player was 'raping' her in game, which prompted a number of online debates about her behavior and prompted her to develop a character around her perception as an unstable YouTuber and game streamer. After the victory of Donald J. It also resulted in piggybacking off the fame of far-right commentator and Vice co-founder Gavin McInnes and failed far-right rapper Tim Gionet who goes by the online persona ' Baked Alaska '.

Britanny venti


Add photos, demo reels Add to list. She seems to only britanny venti about being black when it socially benefits her or helps her to get out of problems she created herself. Expand below.


You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Brittany Venti is a video game streamer of American origin, known for the consistent raids on her stream. Her stream name is consistent with her love for Starbucks , with 'Venti' being one of the sizes of a Starbucks drink. She had a boyfriend? Brittany is well known for her tendency to become enraged whenever viewers make racist, misogynistic, anti- feminist , or pro-terrorist comments in either the donations they send or the chat box during a live stream. Another feature she is well known for is her intentional poor grammatical skills and inability to speak good English, saying things like ' grand theft auto the fifth' or the infamous 'league of leggings'. She describes herself as kawaii , and shows a brooding love for Japanese anime and culture that merely scratches the surface of anything, making her a generic kawaii girl.

Britanny venti

By using this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. Venti often post her gaming videos on Twitch. Likewise, Brittany is often mocked for her bad vocabulary and bad grammar. She was born under the birth sign Virgo. Similarly, Venti holds American nationality and belongs to White ethnicity. However, Venti has a secretive nature regarding her family members and educational qualifications. Hence, the details of her parents, siblings, and childhood are not known. The year-old gamer is unmarried at the moment. Looking at her social media profile, Venti seems to be single and enjoy her life to the fullest.

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Learn more. There is commentary, podcasts, exciting guests, skits, and documentaries, and often you get to see the drama that is my life. New Customer? In January of , Venti was given a hour ban when a video she posted about "African cooking" was deemed to contain racist and offensive stereotypes of Africa and Haiti , claiming to call people from those regions " dirt eaters " and her now ex boyfriend in the background could be heard mocking Venti's "African IQ " and proceeding to make clicking noises as a form mocking some African languages. Pervs mad. We have movies, games, exciting discussions, and events! Learn more about contributing. I'm literally the Queen of the Internet, so you owe me a sub!. So important! Frogs, clowns, and swastikas Alt-right. Expand below. Sign In Sign In. However, many have debated whether Venti actually believes the stuff she says or is just riding the rising wave of fascist alt-right politics and beliefs online. Brittany Venti [note 1] — , [1] also known by her legal name Brittany Dier , is an alt-right -adjacent " troll " and fascist -sympathizing YouTube streamer known for her controversial takes and actions online which have resulted in her gaining an equally fascist audience and follower base. After the victory of Donald J.

If you have ever been on any social media platform over the past few years, there is a very good chance that you have come across someone who has live streamed themselves playing some type of video game.

Hillary's 6 Picks for March and Beyond. See the main article on this topic: Antisemitism. View contact info at IMDbPro. See the list. As a result, this deeply enraged her as she said that she is half-black as her mother is black. Craziest Quote by Pastor Steven Anderson. Contact info Agent info. This has caused some to believe that Venti is just a "clout chasing e-girl" who latches onto any far-right e-celeb that enters her vicinity for content while throwing them under the bus when socially convenient. Venti, being born from a black mother and white father, is of mixed-race heritage. Learn more about contributing. Management: Sponsorships, guest requests, fan mail, business stuff. Official sites Instagram Official Site. Buzzwords and dogwhistles. Previous 1. Venti has attacked these women merely because they do not fit her or shall we say, her audience's views on women, traditionalism, and conservative Catholic values.

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