border collie alsation cross

Border collie alsation cross

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The German Shepherd Border Collie cross is a gigantic designer dog. It can overpower small children while engaging in friendly play. Owners must remember to keep a close watch on their kids if they are interacting with this hybrid dog to avoid injuries. The dog may not be able to determine if it is already causing harm during playtime. Both the huge German Shepherd and the Border Collie are known for being great household pets, which is why it is possible to think about crossbreeding. The process, however, can have devastating effects on the offspring is done without any precautions. Owners can expect a wildly energetic dog with the German Shepherd mixed with Border Collie by merely looking at the energy levels of the parent breeds alone.

Border collie alsation cross

The German Shepherd has long been prized for its working ability. Police, military, search-and-rescue teams, and families alike have loved and used this intelligent and obedient dog for a variety of tasks. And the Border Collie is known as the smartest dog breed in the world. What happens when you put these two dogs together? As a cross between two intelligent working dogs, you can expect the Shollie to be a smart, energetic pup. These dogs are great for active families where they have space to run and receive adequate exercise each day. Their size can vary since German Shepherds tend to be larger than Border Collies. However, Shollies usually stand between 20 and 24 inches at the shoulder and weigh between 70 and 90 pounds. Both parent breeds come in a few different colors and Shollies can have quite a variety of color patterns. However, one thing is for sure. They will have a thick double coat that sheds twice a year — six months in the Spring and six months in the Fall. The idea that crossbred dogs are inferior to purebred dogs has been waning in recent years.

Military and police forces use the German Shepherd breed for tasks that average people will find it difficult to perform. Corgi Border Collie Mix Facts.

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Log in. Sign up. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. We have had her for just over a week and in the first couple of days she was really quiet and shy. As she has started opening up a little more i have noticed she is a bit too rough with other dogs in the park. She has nipped 3 dogs and made them yelpand turn to bite her back. She never seems to fight back with him when he is biting her and pulling on her fur etc and I split them up if I think she doesnt look in the mood to play with him but I am worried that his behaviour is having an effect on how she is with other dogs in the park? Sort by Oldest first Oldest first Newest first Most reactions.

Border collie alsation cross

Intelligent, energetic, and loyal, these pups inherited some of the best qualities from both of their parents. You can find these mixed breed dogs in shelters and breed specific rescues, so remember to always adopt! The Shollie is a excellent family dog who forms close bonds with the humans in their life and will act as a protective guardian. They need access to outdoors space and a commitment to regular exercise sessions. Looking for the best dog for your apartment? Contrary to popular belief, the suitability of dogs who adapt well to apartment living goes beyond its size. Apartment dwellers have a myriad of dog breeds to choose from as potential companions, with various factors to consider.

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Border Collies later became known household pets because of their faithfulness to their owners. The higher their score, obviously the more trainable they are. Poodle German Shepherd Mix. This intelligent dog will need to have mental and physical training to keep it healthy and satisfied with its owners. If you happen to raise a Border Collie German Shepherd mix as a calm and independent dog, 2 hours of separate walks daily can keep it satisfied. Detanglers can harm the German Shepherd Border Collie if the tangles are too tight to brush through. They quickly fit into family environments as the protector and will guard their family and property forcefully. Refine Cancel. Contains all-natural ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids for dogs with skin sensitivity. Are Shollies Independent? Isolated on white.


Owners must make sure that they are adopting a healthy puppy from a reputable breeder to avoid dealing with a sickly puppy. Chihuahua Corgi Mix Facts. Other conditions to be aware of include — a variety of eye problems — Cataracts, Collie Eye Anomaly CEA , Epilepsy, and allergies causing skin conditions and itching. They love playing with little children and will adore living in a household where there is almost always someone around to offer them an ear scratch. This Labrador Retriever Poodle mix set off the whole Doodle dog craze of crossing all sorts of dog breeds with Poodles to create more hypoallergenic versions of dogs. Positive reinforcement is always a good way of keeping any dog engaged during training. Beagle Boxer Mix Facts. Choosing the dog breed that aligns with your lifestyle is the most important decision you can make. For additional pet-parenting tips, head over to TryFi. Surprisingly, there is one man and one dog to thank for the development of the German Shepherd breed. Hiring a dog walker can be helpful for owners who are having a hard time with scheduling their activity time with their dogs. The nutritious proteins included in the Wellness Complete Health dog food for large breeds is beneficial for the German Shepherd crossed with Border Collie because it has all the nutrition it needs. It may also be born deaf if one of its parent breeds already have hearing problems. The Border Collie German Shepherd mix requires about 3 cups of dry dog food per day, depending on its activities. Over-exhaustion and overheating may cause life-threatening illnesses if it is not under proper supervision.

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