Beast wars transmetals

It and its PlayStation counterpart share a primary theme—characters from the second season of the Beast Wars television series duking it out in one-on-one combat—but the beast wars transmetals differ in their stories, gameplay styles, character selections, and bonus features. With their 周筆暢 of Predacon commander Megatronthe Maximals are led to believe the Beast Wars have finally come to an end. As they make their way back to Cybertron via an Autobot shuttlethe captive Megatron manages to send a message through transwarp back to his past self earlier in the conflict, warning him of his own defeat, beast wars transmetals. As a result of the interference, history has already begun esperanza del horno change, with some Maximals and Predacons gaining powerful new Transmetal forms.

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Beast wars transmetals

Transformers, robots in animal styled disguises, battle for supremacy and peace, depending on which side your on in the universe. Megatron and Optimus Primal lead their teams of elite robots against each other, but its up to you to decide who is the winner. Choose from eight characters and battle against the computer AI or a friend in one-on-one battles, featuring transformations from animal, to robot, to vehicle and special moves. Average score: 2. Originally the game could only be rented out from Blockbuster video in the United States. It was later sold as a used game. Are you familiar with this game? Help document and preserve this entry in video game history! If your contribution is approved, you will earn points and be credited as a contributor. Game added by Kartanym.

This article is a stub and is missing information. Armada Energon Cybertron. Nintendo 64 PlayStation.

Beast Wars: Transmetals was a Fighting Game based on the Beast Wars Transformers cartoon and the second licensed game based on that iteration of the Transformers franchise. The game was released on Nintendo 64 and PlayStation , both versions involving the Maximals and the Predacons engaging in battle and having slight differences in regards to playable characters and number of endings. The PlayStation version made it possible to change player characters between fights but only if they were affiliated with the same faction of the already selected character and only had two endings, one for the Maximals campaign and one for the Predacons campaign. The Nintendo 64 version featured more playable characters, stuck to one character per playthrough and gave each character their own ending. Tropes: All There in the Manual : The English version of the manuals of both versions explain that the games are a result of Megatron sending a message to his past self after getting strapped to the shuttle at the end of the finale warning him of his defeat and creating an alternate timeline. Alternate Timeline : The English manuals say that the game is this to the cartoon.

This article is a featured article , and considered to be one of the most informative on this wiki. Rampage also known as Protoform X is the awful result of scientific experimentation gone awry. He is a serial killer and cannibal, with an immortal spark that ensures his twisted brand of horror and misery will live on as long as he does forever, presumably. Rampage detects and draws strength from the emotions of others, literally feeding on the pain and suffering he causes. As an unwilling conscript of the Predacons , he is contemptuous at best of the rest of his team, typically bored and uncooperative on missions, and he frequently sneaks off for his own purposes to try to relieve his boredom in the most cruel and horrible ways possible. If Rampage's titanic size, armor plating and psychopathic tendencies weren't horrifying enough, he is also capable of generating tidal waves, inducing earthquakes and triggering landslides with his "terror claws", while his ever-dreaded galva-conductors allow him to unleash deadly electrical discharges. With this immense arsenal available to him, he prefers to use his gatling cannon as a way to finish off his opponents. Rampage toy bio.

Beast wars transmetals

You may wish to create or login to an account in order to have full editing access to this wiki. The two games share a primary theme; characters from the second season of the Beast Wars television series duking it out in one-on-one combat, but the games differ in character selection and bonus features. Intense Battle.

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The game features a single-player Arcade Mode, in which the player must defeat a series of seven opponents, the final battle being against Megatron for the Maximals and Optimus for the Predacons. Entertainment, Inc. Beast Wars: Transmetals 3. Nintendo 64, [eBay]. Slugslinger's Ambition. This action creates a divergent timeline in which several Maximals and Predacons gain new Transmetal forms and resume their battles on prehistoric Earth. These characters cannot be used in Team Battle, as the mode does not allow the use of alternate colors. Beast Mode recharges the gauge, but can only use weak melee attacks. Coming of the Fuzors Part 2 Other protoforms in evidence included Transmutate , who was judged "partially Transmetal", Transmutate and the Fuzors Silverbolt and Quickstrike , who displayed the Transmetal quality of immunity to the Metal Hunter 's weapon. The playable Megatron X retains all the advantages of his boss counterpart, including a double-length stamina bar and Energon Resistance Gauge; his only disadvantage is that, by virtue of being twice as long, his E. Best Matches. North American Nintendo 64 box art. Are you familiar with this game?

ESRB: Teen. Nintendo 64 PlayStation. Are You Playing?

Main article: Beast Wars: Transformers. Contents 1 Plot 1. Read Edit View history. The Agenda Part 2. However, spending too much time in robot mode will gradually cause the Energon Resistance Gauge to drain; when it fully empties, the player will suffer an energon radiation surge, leaving them unable to attack or defend. These include the basic shot C-Right , which can be fired while moving and jumping; the deluxe shot C-Up , which fires missiles and bombs that home in on vehicle modes; and the mega shot C-Left , which can instantly knock down an opponent at the cost of a long firing time. The characters are able to switch between beast mode, vehicle mode, and robot mode during battle, each of which has unique attacks and abilities. Armada Energon Cybertron. Sorry kids, no trucks, and no Bumblebee. He has doubled stamina and a doubled Energon Resistance Gauge which drains and recharges more slowly. Only visible to you.

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